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There’s very little that can ruin a trip faster than an injury. Whether you’re hiking, riding your bike, or just enjoying time around town it’s always better to be prepared. While first aid kits are often sold as part of pre-packaged survival kits, they are available for purchase on their own too. If you don’t have a pre-made kit, look into buying one that fits your needs.

A first aid kit should be easy to access in an emergency, but discreet enough to go unnoticed if it’s not needed. There are bags for travel and sports available at drug stores, plus kits made especially for the car. Make sure the bag you buy can be hung up or safely tucked away in a small space.

Why you need First Aid bag

Injuries happen at home too, plus you’ll want a first aid bag if you’re taking trips with your family. Whether it’s a broken bone from slipping on the ice or a minor burn from cooking dinner you’ll need to know how to handle it until paramedics arrive. A first aid kit will have anything you might need in an emergency, from bandages and creams to tweezers.

It’s important to know what you have in your first aid bag, so be sure to check it every six months or so. If medicines or equipment are missing toss them out and buy new ones. If the bandages are dirty throw them away as well – nothing ruins a trip faster than a fresh cut turning into a nasty infection because you don’t have the right supplies to stop it.

What need be in First Aid bag


There are dozens of shapes and sizes, plus waterproof bandages you can use on more than one person. If you’re planning to travel with your first aid bag be sure it has multiple bandages for each family member.

Burn cream or gel

If someone picks up a hot pan without using a potholder they’ll need this. It’ll stop the pain and protect the burn until paramedics arrive. Before applying any cream check to see what’s in your kit – some items only treat external injuries, others can be applied without removing clothing.


Slivers are no fun when you’re on vacation, but there’s no reason to let them ruin your trip. These tiny instruments will be able to pull the sliver from your skin, plus they have a multitude of other uses too. Tweezers can remove splinters and ticks when you don’t want to use tweezers, plus you can always keep a pair in your purse or backpack in case you find yourself with a hangnail while you’re on the go.

Eye wash

In an emergency some people panic, forgetting even basic first-aid practices. An eyewash is a safety measure you can take to make sure everyone around you stays healthy until paramedics arrive. It only takes a few drops of water to rinse out someone’s eye if they have something in it, plus you’ll know they’re safe to move. Even if you’re hiking solo you’ll be glad you have this in case something happens and there’s no one around to help.

Basic First Aid bag

After an emergency is over it’s time for the recovery process, so make sure you’ve got plenty of bandages and creams before your trip begins. Tylenol, Benadryl, or other anti-itch creams can help with insect bites and bee stings. Paramedics may also need to know what medications you take, so make sure your first aid kit has any prescriptions – but not the actual bottles unless there’s an emergency.

If you’re packing for a family be sure to bring more than enough, plus some extras to go around. Hand sanitizer is always nice to have on hand in case there’s no water for cleaning up, while finger wipes are good for young children who love to touch everything they see. If you’re bugging out grab a few wet naps or baby wipes too – these are great for a quick clean-up if you end up in a dirty situation.

Emergency Preparedness

People go to work every day never thinking about the fact that they’re going to get hurt, but accidents still happen. This is why it’s important to make sure your first aid bag has anything and everything – from bandages and tweezers to a way to rinse out someone’s eye if they have something stuck in it. Have a well-stocked bag and make sure everyone knows where it is, so you’re always prepared for anything.

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